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Oil. And kittens.

I’d like to write something about the oil spill: the greed and neglect of safety regulations and common sense that led to the explosion, the lack of contingency planning, the destruction of the ecology of an entire region, the tremendous potential long-term effects, the complete lack of viable and immediate alternative to oil.

But I can’t. So instead, you get kittens. I don’t mean to make light of anything involved in the oil spill, but sometimes black humor is all there is.

(Via Dangerous Minds)

For more serious and thoughtful consideration, I’d like to point you to Cherie Priest’s musings on the spill and on ways to help.

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  1. Dab Brill says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I remember seeing ‘BP Cats’ on your blog and thought the one on ‘Dangerous Drilling: BP is at it AGAIN ‘ might be of interest.
    Dab Brill