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The power of internet marketing

Let me show you something.

Amazon screenshot

Amazon screenshot

Can’t read that? How about this?

Amazon screenshot

Amazon screenshot

That would be a 77. No, really. It would. Right there, just below my name. I’m having trouble believing it myself.

And here’s the photo version. We’re in good company.

Amazon screenshot

Amazon screenshot

This anthology started as a twitter joke, and was picked up by a small press and became (sort of) serious. Jaym Gates and Erika Holt did a ridiculous amount of work putting it together – thanks! All the marketing has been online, through twitter, blogs, facebook.

And it worked, far better than anyone expected.

Edit: Um. Can you all see this too? That’s a #45 isn’t it?

Amazon screenshot 45

Amazon screenshot 45

Edit: 8pm. #39. #1296.

Edit: Sometime over night – #30 and #795.

Right now it’s at 34 and 806. Congrats to everyone involved!!!


  1. Eric says:

    This could be the moment I point to and say, “I was selling more copies than Stephen King’s It….”


  2. Vince says:

    In my best Mr. Burns voice: “Excellent!”

  3. Eric says:

    As of 7 PM EST, we were up to 41, as I’m sure you’ve seen already…

  4. mattw says: