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Science and more science

It occurs to me that I forgot to tell you all that I have a new post up at Science in My Fiction, and that SiMF has moved to its own domain. This month: deep sea vents and giant pogonophoran worms with no mouth and no gut. (And isn’t pogonophoran the most wonderful word?)

I’ll be taking January off at SiMF, but have posts for early February and early March on the calendar. Anything you’d like to know more about in the general area of biology/ecology of science fiction/worldbuilding?

I am really, really enjoying Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. I only read fanfic when someone points me at something that sounds particularly interesting–not because of any disdain for the form, but because my to-read list is already substantially greater than my available time.

Disappointing news on the arsenic-using bacteria. I’m not a molecular biologist and not at all competent to evaluate the methods used, but scientists who are(technical) say that the study is seriously flawed, and probably doesn’t show any such thing. Expect a longer post here when I have a bit more time.

Just in time for the Solstice season, Cthulhu ringtones from the HPLHS, even seasonally appropriate ones like “Carol of the Old Ones” and “The World in Terror and Madness Lies”. I need a better phone!

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