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Hello March

And goodbye February. I’ve never gotten along with that month. In fact, I blame it for a lot of things. Good riddance until next year.

I was moderately productive in February, in the writing department. I finished and revised two short stories, and am just waiting on my beta reader before I submit them. I started planning a new novel, an urban fantasy I’ve been kicking the rudiments of around for a couple years. Now it has its own Scrivener file, an outline, some character sketches. Fun! I need to devote more time to finishing stuff this year (motto for 2011: “The End”), but its good for me to have several projects in various stages of completion awaiting me. I think I also promised to give a talk on social media for writers to the local writing group next fall.

For the other writer types, or those who spend time with writers: The Writer’s Survival Guide. From the article: “And so I give unto you: coping mechanisms. Fellow penmonkeys, compatriot wordslingers, if you want to do this job and not end up shellacked in your own snot-froth while hanging from the ceiling fan — if you are to survive at all with your mind and spirit intact — then you must do as I say. Do not deviate, lest you be struck down by your own lunacy.”

Here’s something I got from Warren Ellis. It relates to a less-well-developed novel idea that I should get to in a year or so, and I want to save it for then.

Immaterials: Light painting WiFi from Timo on Vimeo.

Developing new shiny ideas is more fun than finishing projects in progress, but it is now time to start rewrites on Paper Magic. I alternately feel like I know how to do this and have no clue at all what I’m doing. Fortunately I know enough writers by now to recognize that as normal, and to understand that the only thing to do is keep working.

Changing the subject entirely, if you can’t beat them, eat them: invasivory. Strike a blow for native species by consuming the invasives yourself. Complete with recipes!

And one more topic switch: things you can do with guitars!

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