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The good, the bad, and the zombie

A few quick writing notes:

New Science in My Fiction post up today: Orbital Mechanics for Vampires, a companion to last month’s Orbital Mechanics for Werewolves. Both were a lot of fun to write, and also contain Real Science (TM).

New review at The Portal, of F&SF March/April 2011. I’m still not sure I’ve quite gotten the hang of this reviewing gig–20 years as a scientific peer reviewer has not prepared me to do battle with a few stories–but I’m flailing along regardless.

A story I sent out last May finally got rejected. A quick re-read, and back out it goes. I have two more ready to send out. If I get three out at once it will set a new personal record.

Rigor Amortis has sold far better than anyone ever expected, and will not only be reprinted but will be moving up in the world. The new edition will be printed by Edge Publishing, another imprint of Hades Publications. Absolute XPress, the current imprint, is basically the POD wing of Hades (though not a self-publishing outfit); Edge is a regular imprint with distribution. The editors, Jaym Gates and Erika Holt, have done a phenomenal amount of work to make this happen. More forgotten things: New release date October 15, 2011.

It’s been a mixed couple weeks: rejection, being approached for a new project, editorial commentary, zombie success. But that’s the way it goes, right? Just keep working.

Edit: Oh, right. I knew I was forgetting something. Several people have asked my thoughts on the purported alien fossils reported in the Journal of Cosmology. Well, I’m skeptical, and a whole pile of things set off my bullshit detector. That’s not conclusive, but I’m not expecting big things. I hope to have time to muster my thoughts and write something up this week.

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