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Let me tell you

Let me tell you how much I’m enjoying the presidential campaign, and how well I think the GOP candidates represent the enlightened spirit of United States democracy. Please note: nothing below this point is safe for work, home, or the brains of any reasonable human being whatsoever.

Let me tell you how much I appreciate having my very competence, my ability to make decisions for myself, questioned. In 2012. By a panel composed entirely of men. By organizations ignoring the most knowledgeable experts. Or my ability and my right to do my job questioned by a leading presidential candidate. Bayer Aspirin? But it was a “joke,” so it’s okay.

Or rather, let me allow Jim to tell you. Since he’s male and all, and I’m just a woman. Or maybe just because he’s funnier and more profane than I am.

Really, it was just because he’s funnier.

Here’s a woman who sums it up pretty well.

Maybe I need a Nehemiah Scudder for President in 2012 bumper sticker.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be in bed with the blankets over my head watching West Wing until November. Maybe longer.