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Back on the horse

I need you all to help me. I’m making a public commitment: I will work on novel revisions, and I will keep working on them until I have entirely rewritten this book, and then written it again if I need to. I will acknowledge that work and life will sometimes derail this process, and pick it up again as soon as I can. I will make this the best book that I can, and a book I want to read. It’s okay if it is slow, but I still need to do it. I will post irregular updates here.

Kick me if I get too far off-track?

I have some major worldbuilding, character and structural issues to fix. The first order of business is to think hard about the first two, and rewrite the outline for the umteenth time to reflect where the story needs to go, rather than where it does go or where I thought it would go. That will give me a guide for rewriting. (I’ve started this any number of times, but not gotten very far. Apparently my brain decided that an entire first draft was enough and it could quit.)

Entirely unrelated: dog in armor!