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Science in the future

I’ve been watching the increasing numbers of crowd-funded science projects with some fascination. I don’t think this is the way to fund all science, but some things are quite possible, and more likely to get funded this way than through traditional channels.

For instance, here’s a perfect candidate, just languishing:

Herpetology In Latin America: An Interdisciplinary Approach: ethnoherpetology and conservation in Latin America. How can you not think that’s neat, and want to chip in a few dollars to see it succeed?

Or this potentially ground-breaking project:

Poikey, the Cancer Killer
: A possible physical method to improve targeting of anti-cancer drugs. I find the presentation rather fluffy, but the creators have been good about responding to questions about scientific capabilities.

What do you think of crowdfunding as a possibility for art? For science? Seen anything worth sharing lately?