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The tabs, they have been accumulating.

Very nice article on the Voynich Manuscript. I’m one of those quarrelsome list participants, despite being neither male nor over 50.

Adopt a Landsat Pixel: a citizen science opportunity, and a neat one. Take a set of photographs of a place. If possible, go back once a week for 6-8 weeks. Voila! You’ve supported a major scientific effort!

My media consumption is indeed insufficiently voracious. So. Many. Nifty. Things.

Stew in fantasy fiction has a long and troubled history. Stew is not road food. Stew is tavern food, especially cheap taverns. But what kind of stew? There are a lot of resources on medieval cooking now available, online and off. Referring to them can really spice up your worldbuilding.

Men, women, academia, having kids. I’m childless, but this still makes me so angry.

Medieval maps, with illustrations and info about a new book by P. D. A. Harvey, Medieval Maps of the Holy Land. (Related to my first link? Good question! When you figure it out get back to me.)

Finally, two neat Kickstarter campaigns: Grace from Outer Space, a science picture book for kids, and a neat project to encourage backyard gardeners.

And now, time to rush home before the rain. Speculating on whether my basement will flood for the third time in less than two weeks…

Also yes, still centered. I poked at the CSS to no avail. Someday I will figure it out, or switch themes, or something.