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Here we go again

I have a fabulous medical team, and they’ve been very good about getting me in to talk to all the relevant experts. But every time you talk to a medical expert, they want just one more test.

Which is how I won the “two colonoscopies in three weeks” lottery. This time, an endoscopic ultrasound.

I am SO NOT AMUSED. I want the experts to have good data, but I don’t want to be a science experiment all the time, especially not a cranky, unfed, full-of-laxatives science experiment. Every time I think they’ve finally run out of tests, they come up with something else, and it’s usually disgusting, undignified, and involves not eating.

Speaking of which, this is the first time ever I’ve had to think about not eating enough. My appetite was good throughout chemo, and the anti-nausea drugs were 100% effective the entire time, but my general digestive system is not enthusiastic about the world right now, and it’s making a lot of things sound unappealing. I’ve been eating a lot of toast, and that’s really not a balanced diet. I’ve also been very tired, and that hasn’t improved my ability to feed myself correctly. Nick’s back has been bad this week too, so less cooking support than usual.

I’ve tried harder today. Breakfast was oatmeal with dried fruit, walnuts, flaxseed meal and protein powder, and I’ve had several small meals since then, which seems to work better. (This blog won’t turn into a meal-by-meal replay, I promise, but there may be some benefit in at least acknowledging this as a problem and talking about how I’m working on it, or not.)

I was disconnected from the pump on Wednesday, and went to the office Thursday and Friday. Contrary to what you all seem to think, I’m being very careful about not overextending myself: both days I came home mid-afternoon to take a nap. Yesterday was particularly bad: by 4pm I was achy, exhausted and freezing, but a whole lot of sleep and a warm boxer straightened that out. That’s why there was no blog post; yesterday’s blog post will be tomorrow. (This one is still today’s.)

Today’s been a low-key day: laundry and cleaning the cat box have been the most useful things so far. We have a couple errands to run, and I don’t think there’s a single clean bowl in the kitchen, but I’m not planning anything too exciting for the rest of the day. And then tomorrow I get to do colonoscopy prep AGAIN.

Speaking of boxers (and, well, trying to not end this post with laxatives), the kittens tell me there has been FAR TOO MUCH BOXER around here lately (here including twitter and Facebook).


That was this morning; they are looking up at the camera directly overhead. I was reading in bed, but otherwise couldn’t move at all. Fortunately there was a noise outside that required the services of the Feline Investigation Squad, or I might still be there.