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Barium for breakfast

I had a CT scan this morning. If they want to look at your digestive system, they send you home with a couple of bottles of barium. The first is to be consumed before bed the night before. The first third of the bottle isn’t bad at all. It’s kind of thick and chalky, but they make some effort to flavor it.

It gets harder and harder, though, and by the end of a full 450ml bottle of barium sulfate, it’s rather hard to take that one last sip.

Then there’s more barium for breakfast, and a last slug right before the scan.

The CT scan itself is easy and quick: I had an 8:30 appointment, and was back in my car at 8:48. They give you an IV contrast as well, to highlight the vascular network as well as the digestive system outlined in barium sulfate. The radiologist is always very careful to warn you that the IV contrast will make you feel warm, and like you peed your pants, but you didn’t really. No idea if that’s the same for men.

Now it’s just the waiting. And, well, the getting rid of all the barium I drank. Did I mention white and chalky?

Meanwhile, I’m now having coffee with toasted and buttered hot cross buns. That tastes a whole lot better.