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Mixed bag

Home from my minor outpatient surgery; everything went just fine. I don’t have any problems with anesthesia, and although I’m not allowed to drive or sign legal paperwork until noon tomorrow I feel like I could if I needed to. They gave me a Percocet scrip, but I have some left over from the port installation surgery if I need it, so probably won’t even bother to fill it. I never need as much pain medicine as they prescribe (I only filled half the prescription after the port surgery), and right now nothing hurts anyway.  

They were very prompt; I was in and gowned and hooked up to the IV within half an hour of arriving, only to sit waiting on my bed for another two and a half hours. Once you’re hooked up to all the equipment it’s hard to even knit. SO BORING. 

Yesterday’s meeting with the radiation oncology people went well; it was the informational paper-signing meeting. Monday I have another appointment with them, when they’ll start doing actual science. Go science!

And the mixed part: I asked the radiation oncologist about traveling to Tacoma for Complex Weavers, and he agreed that we could work around missing a few days of treatment (radiation is 5 days a week), but my regular oncologist says I can’t miss either radiation or chemo. SO CRANKY. I get to see Laura every two years: we meet up at Complex Weavers and play with string for a few days, and have a wonderful time. Plus, it’s over my birthday, and I was really looking forward to a break and a trip. I’ve done nothing but work and cancer for all of 2014 so far. Instead, I’ll be home having chemo and radiation for my birthday. REALLY NOT AMUSED.

I will just have to do ALL THE TRAVELING after I’m done with treatment, including a trip out to Portland to see Laura. I’ll miss attending the conference, but we can play with string on our own time. At least I’m not scheduled to teach this year.