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Science is slow

I still haven’t heard from the radiation oncologist about when I’m actually starting treatment. It should be 7-10 days from last Monday, which is, well, any minute now.

I had my pre-chemo blood work done yesterday anyway. I’m a bit anemic and my white blood cells are a tiny bit low, but neither is anything to worry about, and my platelets are lovely. And this? This is the BEST science:

huge drop in CEA

My CEA is down to 42!

Blood counts or no, I continue to feel better and better as I get farther from my last chemo infusion. My brain is working better: though it’s still an incredible slog to get going on anything, once I get some momentum it’s all good. I may even finish this dratted paper that I’ve been poking at for months. And I walked the dog in the morning for the past three days. Happiest dog ever! The lack of regular dog walking was partly fatigue, but hugely cold sensitivity. I hope now that it’s summer and I’m off the oxaliplatin anyway I can keep up the daily walks. I miss my huge amount of walking. (I walked over 1800 miles in 2013. I haven’t tallied up 2014 so far, but my mileage is greatly reduced.) I’ve been cramming in as much kayaking as possible. I even snuck out after work on Tuesday. Lovely! I’m afraid that the new chemo I start with the radiation will affect my hands and prevent me from paddling, so I’m stocking up on kayak time now.