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I just got off the phone with the person at the local hospital who’s dealing with BCBS for me, and with BCBS themselves.

BCBS has no explanation for all the delays, and also doesn’t feel any compulsion to answer their online messages in a timely fashion. I messaged them Monday, and nobody had even looked at the message until the woman I spoke to pulled it up while I was on the phone with her.

However, they’ve “made my case a high priority” and have turned it over to a peer-to-peer discussion panel, which apparently includes my own radonc as well as their doctor. This can take up to three business days, and they didn’t start the process until yesterday (??!!), but because “my case is a high priority” it’s possible they will finish the appeal and discussion process by close of business today.

So it’s possible that I’ll be back to IMRT tomorrow morning, but I’m not holding my breath.