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Into the belly of the etc

We are at Geisinger Danville and all checked in. At this point, you go up to the pre-surgical waiting room…..


……where you are only allowed to take one person with you.

So Sarah’s Mom, Maureen, is up there with her. Having suspected we might wind up in some sort of holding pattern Hell, I have my laptop (and my Nook, and my DS) and the comfy headphones and a stack of movies and games ans so forth. So, I’m settling in for the siege.

The rough schedule is, first Sarah has a ~40 minute procedure to set her up (with a stent, I think;) then, at some point presumably not long after that, she has a nominal four and a half hour block scheduled for the actual surgical procedure.

It’s a double procedure, with one surgeon going after the mother load in her colon, and the other aiming at the second chunk of evil, in her liver.

They might be able to do part of that laparoscopically, but apparently that call will be made once they start and actually see what it looks like.

I’ll keep you all updated when anything happens.

Fuck cancer.