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Linky catch-up

Sunday afternoon, fiddling around on the computer and organizing stuff. Fiction, non-fiction, photos… it’s all a mess, and all needs sorted out. At least if I post the links I’ve been accumulating, I don’t need to keep track of them any more.

  • Periodic Table of Visualization Methods: One of my interests is in informative ways to present data. To my mind, this site tries a bit too hard to shoehorn everything into a cute visual metaphor, but it is nonetheless an interesting overview of visualization types.
  • An excavated London witch bottle: urine, brimstone, bent pins.
  • Antique microscope slides: Lovely and fascinating bits of science history.
  • TED talk on using a 13th-c. astrolabe: I have a distinct fondness for astrolabes.
  • Where I Write: Science fiction authors in their natural habitat, recorded by the ever-fabulous photographer Kyle Cassidy. It’s a pleasant change to have this come from within the tribe instead of from someone who seems to be examining a slightly sketchy foreign culture.
  • British science fiction from the New Scientist.

That takes care of a good-size chunk of my back links, though by no means all of them.