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A miscellany buried in snow

Just a quickie, as I have to go shovel snow. Again.

Here’s one way to depict my day at work: a mousepath. Today was for numbercrunching.

You can get the mousepath software yourself (Mac/Linux, Windows – by Anatoliy Zenkov and picked up by me here).

Hey, guess what? Having a blizzard does not invalidate global climate change. Really. I’m certain of this.

David Brin provides some additional insight into why this has become such a contentious issue. This anti-intellectual, anti-expert bias may worry me more than any other recent societal shift in the US. (Marketing manifestation: all of those “discovered by a mom” ads. Because really, who better to manage your health than someone with no medical training whatsoever.)

Boing-Boing found a redeeming quality for My Little Pony: training future scientists.

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