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Crossed Genres

I have a great fondness for Crossed Genres. They bought the first story I sold, and all unknowing published it on my birthday. I’m coordinator for Science in My Fiction, which is a CG spin-off. (Incidentally, you should go read my article this month: how can you go wrong with mouse testicles?)

But CG needs some help. Small genre publishers are not, shall we say, a money-making enterprise, and Bart and Kay can’t afford to keep it afloat. They’ve set up a Kickstarter to cover preorders of upcoming volumes, among other nifty things. so that they can get some funds to keep CG from either sucking them dry or dying.

There are lots of opportunities on Kickstarter to support indie SFF publishing of various sorts. I’ll only ever tell you about the ones I think are neatest, or most important. This is one of those.

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