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I feel professional

The hotel hosting confluence is 150 miles from my house. The first 120 miles took two hours, just as you’d expect, but the last 30 miles? Let’s just say it was a four and a half hour trip. I was late to my first-ever SF con panel.

Except for the lateness and accompanying initial flusteration, the panel itself, on self-referentiality in genre, was quite good. The panel was intelligent and articulate and informed, and the audience was engaged.

My second panel of the evening, not so much. The topic was biological and biomedical SF, and it went in directions that I don’t know much about, so I was quiet for a lot of it. I was also pretty tired by then, and I don’t think I did a good job with some of the things I did say. I know what I did wrong, though, and how to fix it.

Today: more panels, and a kaffee klatsch if anyone comes.

And I need to find Seanan McGuire, since I have something for her…

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