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Lost cat: Park Forest area, State College

Spreading the word for my friend Tamie Veith:

Lost: female cat, Quilla
1 yr old, spayed, short-haired, tabby
distinct grey stripes with crisp white paws and belly.
all shots current. not a wimp! but very friendly usually.

got out Monday Aug 11 into the Haugh Preserve Woods, near Valley Vista Rd and Carnegie.
probably either got chased by something and then confused about how to get home OR got stuck somewhere that blew shut during the storms OR someone took her in for safe keeping.

her brother is beside himself with worry.

Quilla cat

Quilla cat

Quilla cat


  1. ConnieK says:

    Good Luck finding her! I hope she returns home safely.

    Has she a tattoo or chip?

    My 3 cats keep their paws crossed!

  2. Tamie says:

    hey everyone that shared or tweeted on this, thanks!! I found her today!! so happy. I think she is in good health too (she is currently 30-50 feet above the ground in a tree, but other than that…. 🙂 she sounds healthy and loud.)