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Stoned Sarah

Sarah has a clicky button for Dilaudid. Sarah is dozing.

We’re with her in the PACU. They’re getting ready to move her into her room. This will be her one-night  room, because the first night after major surgery they want her in the higher care level room, in the, um, SCU, I think.

Then tomorrow they’ll move her to the room where she’ll be for the next week or so, until they discharge her back into the care of her doctor kittens and Nurse Boxer.




  1. 🙂 Just remember, as you go to leave, if the nurse asks if you want one last shot of morphine, say “Yes”.

  2. Nathan Goslee says:

    🙂 don’t forget your towel …

  3. Vince says:

    And thanks for keeping us up-to-date. It’s very appreciated.

  4. Natalie L. says:

    I’m so glad that everything went well and that she’s done with surgery and has (and is using!) the Good Drugs. Best wishes to you both.

  5. Nick Hyle says:

    Thanks, guys. I’ll keep posting.