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Sasquan and outlining

I will be at Sasquan next week: hooray! While I’m not on programming (and a bit frustrated by that), Steven Gould generously offered to share his timeslot with a few Viable Paradisians, so I will be doing a reading:

4315 Saturday 12:30pm 30min
DBT Spokane Falls Suite A/B
Reading—Steven Gould

What do you think: post-apocalyptic cats, or a faery guide?

Meanwhile, I’m trying to get my head back into writing fiction (back into everything, really). I’m picking the novel I started a year and a half ago back up. I won’t have time to work on it heavily until October, but I’m trying to get the outline firmed up so that in October I can immerse myself in the actual words.

Here’s the high-level outline:
A fabulous book.
Almond cookies.
Court intrigue.
Black magic.
Chaos ensues.
Things burn down.
Librarian victory.

This is going to be SO MUCH FUN.



  1. Carolyn Priest-Dorman says:

    I vote for post-apocalyptic cats because it sounds slightly more SFWA. Also, cats!

    But faery guide also sounds good. Hmmm. Tough call!

    I’m glad you’re able to go to Sasquan. Will you be live-tweeting the Hugo awards? 🙂

    1. Sarah says:

      Post-apocalyptic cats, I think. But I’ll probably try reading the guide story out loud and see how it sounds. Hm…

      I am thrilled to be going to Sasquan. Pennsic was rather wonderful as well.

      Hugos. Maybe? But I’m sure there will be a LOT of twitter activity discussing them. I think my roomie wants to go; otherwise I’d be in the bar.

  2. Carolyn Priest-Dorman says:

    very tweeting
    many karma
    so victory
    Such enjoy.