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Still going

I didn’t report on chemo round four, two weeks ago, because it was starting to feel like complaining about the weather. I feel lousy/it’s still snowing: unpleasant to live through, and uninteresting to hear about.

The exact details vary, but the overall pattern is pretty similar: I feel lousy for the three days of chemo, can work on Thursday but everything tastes nasty, start to feel better by Friday, and the second week is really quite normal.

Even though I felt quite good last week, I nearly washed out of chemo this week due to high levels of liver enzymes. They were high last time, and if they didn’t come down this time I’d have to wait a week. But they did come down, though they’re still high, so I’m hooked up to the pump even as I write this.

I’m not being poisoned yet, just waiting for the chemo to get mixed and delivered. I’m not getting pondwater today (IV iron), so I’ll be here less time, except for the delays for the full bloodwork and getting the chemo.

Last round I had the biweekly oncologist meeting. We decided on two more rounds of chemo (today and one more), for a total of six, before a break for scans. That will put them sometime in late April, I guess. I’ll report back when I know more.

My CEA level also came down last time, from the previous test two weeks before that. It’s still very high, but dropping is a good sign.

So, you know, a lot of waiting, a lot of uncertainty, a lot of things I don’t know or won’t know. I’m doing all the things, however unpleasant, because it beats the alternative, but it isn’t much fun at all.