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Science goes mainstream!

That’s what it means when we’re targetted by email scams, right?


Dear Colleague,

On behalf of all the Editors-in-chief of Elsevier Journals, we wish to
Communicate to you that we are currently accepting manuscripts in all Fields
of human Endeavour.
All articles published will be peer-reviewed. The following types of papers
are considered for publication:

• Original articles in basic and applied research.
•Critical reviews, surveys, opinions, commentaries and essays.

Authors are invited to submit manuscripts reporting recent developments in
their fields. Papers submitted will be sorted out and published in any of
our numerous journals that best Fits. This is a special publication
procedure which published works will be discussed at seminars (organized by
Elsevier) at strategic Cities all over the world. Please maximize this
opportunity to showcase your research work to the world.

The submitted papers must be written in English and describe original
research not published nor currently under review by other journals.
Parallel submissions will not be accepted.

Our goal is to inform authors about their paper(s) within one week of
receipt. All submitted papers, if relevant to the theme and objectives of
the journal, will go through an external peer-review process.

*Prospective authors should send their manuscript(s) in** **Microsoft Word**
 **or PDF format to** **elsevier@fake.address** *and should Include a cover
sheet containing corresponding Author(s) name, Paper Title, affiliation,
phone, fax number, email address etc.

Kind Regards,

Emily Robinson(Prof.)

PS: Pls. show interest by mailing *elsevier@fake.address* if your Manuscript is
not ready but will be ready soon.

They get points for spellcheck, though it does have the erratic capitalization characteristic of scam emails. (Really, do these guys have any idea how much more profitable their schemes would be if they bothered to have someone edit them? They go to such great lengths to get the right graphics and format, and then the English sucks.)

Elsevier is a major journal publisher, but by no means spanning “all Fields
of human Endeavour”. If you send the real Elsevier a random paper without a specific journal selected, you will get it back in a week, rejected rather than peer-reviewed. I imagine if you send these folks a paper, you will get it accepted within a week, along with exorbitant page charge requests.

The real Elsevier would like everyone to know that “Elsevier does not solicit intellectual property from authors in this fashion, and does not utilize Gmail, Hotmail, or any other free third-party e-mail providers in communications with authors and editors.” What a relief!

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