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Writing projects

I haven’t been writing much for the blog because I’ve been writing for other projects:

  • A Crossed Genres Science in My Fiction article about satellite images I neglected to tell you about when it came out (I was out of town – sorry!).
  • My application for Viable Paradise. I made the wait list last year, and am determined to turn in the best possible application this year.
  • One of my resolves for the year was to be more diligent about submitting new stories and resubmitting ones that had been rejected. I’ve not been as good about that as I’d like, but I did revise and submit a couple lately. And I sold one! (Details to follow.) I have another out (to someplace out of my league, but why not?), and am sending something to Rigor Amortis, a zombie romance/erotica anthology.

Thus, not much writing brain or time left for blogging. I’m having a little bit of trouble balancing everything, and blogging tends to fall off the bottom of the list.

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