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Day 1

Not bad: 2900 words, some dishwashing and a killer chocolate cake.

I haven’t written much fiction in the past few months, so it took a while to remind myself what I was doing and to get back into the mindset of writing fiction. Tomorrow should be better, except that I’m busy all afternoon.

And then there’s Monday! Three whole days of not going to work! Ahhhh….

So I think the transformer for my two-year-old netbook is dead. Should I replace the transformer ($40-$60 it seems), or the netbook ($200-$300)? I have to have something portable and light with decent battery life. I thought about using this as an excuse to get an iPad, but the current model just won’t do everything I need the netbook for. Two years jammed in a backpack is a pretty good lifespan for a netbook. I’m not sure I could realistically expect it to live much longer. But it does work fine for the moment. I could get a transformer that could be used with future netbooks – that might be a practical investment. I imagine I’ll have a netbook for the foreseeable future and that way I’d have a spare.

Decisions… and I need to make up my mind quickly, because I need a functional netbook by the 13th.

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