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A writing weekend

I have a three-day weekend, and I didn’t bring home any work from the day job. (I may regret that later, but I need a break.)

Instead, I plan to write fiction this weekend. I’ve set myself the fairly ambitious goal of 10,000 words in three days. Starting wordcount: 18,000. Goal: 28,000, well over a quarter of a novel.

I’ve already gotten 1200 words written, and a bit of revision. Seems entirely doable, if I keep at it. I’m enjoying the setting and the story and the characters, and right now it’s going smoothly. Persistence is the key.

Interested in what I’m doing? Here’s the first paragraph of Paper Magic:

Straw cradled Tomas’s body, the heavy blanket beneath him guarding him from its stiff cut ends. He was cozy in his makeshift bed but not yet sleepy. The soothing nighttime rustles of a barn full of horses were no competition for the songs running through his head. The last minstrel to come through had been months ago, and he hadn’t been nearly as good as this one. News of the man’s willingness to play for bed and board had spread through the small town of Cortina even faster than gossip about who’d been spotted together behind the mill. Tomas had never seen so many of his neighbors in the Inn all at once. Even the smith was there, though the bench next to him was empty. The town had once been proud of their Talented smith and his permanent horseshoes, but now he ate alone.

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  1. Sharon says:

    Intrigued! I thought Straw was a person (I’m weird) so had to go back and reread. I like that – a bit of misdirection so that faulty assumptions were made (my doing, probably not yours).
    To Say Nothing of the Dog and The Wood Beyond (Reginald Hill) are 2 favorite books that come to mind. Had to start both of them over after I figured out what was going on.
    Of course I’ve rambled off subject – which was – I like it so far!