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So anyway

These are the things I had intended to post this morning when I got sidetracked.

(By “this morning,” I mean “Monday”, and by “sidetracked,” I mean “completely swamped.” Just so you know.)

XKCD has a timeline of future events. SF writers, there’s an entire career’s worth of ideas in here. You have to go there, because you have to read the mouse-over comment.

Something I couldn’t have posted until today regardless (and part of what I was so busy with on Monday): I have a new review on The Portal, this time of the F&SF May/June issue.

How to Steal Like an Artist,” interesting and possibly useful advice from Austin Kleon. Finding ideas, learning who you are, pretending to be something you’re not.

Oh right, I only had two things on Monday. Maybe that’s why I didn’t post anything.

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