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Neat stuff

I’ve been accumulating things. Time to pass them on.

The Moscow dogs and the Chicago coyotes: fascinating examples of canine adaptability to urban environments. The Moscow dogs have so far done a better job of fitting into urban patterns, possibly because they come from stock selected for dealing well with people over the past few millennia, or because they’ve had longer to practice. The coyotes mostly stay out of the way, but the dogs have learned to let the cute ones beg for food, and even to ride the Metro.

There’s a lot of ire about the “Futures in Nature” story I ranted about. This is my favorite commentary.

Laura has sent me several interesting things: an exploration of octopus psychology; Nathalie Miebach, an artist who turns scientific data into sculptures; and this video about making a coral reef. She shares my fascination with the art-science interface, though she’s a much better artist than I am.

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  1. Tom says:

    Phiala, if you’re interested in the intersection of science and art, may I recommend Bathsheba Grossman http://www.bathsheba.com/