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Don’t be alarmed

If this site, in its entirety, is down tomorrow.

SOPA and PIPA are utterly appalling pieces of potential US legislation, and would likely destroy the internet as a community.

Not that I expect my tiny participation in tomorrow’s blackout campaign to have any effect, but I want to add my support. The internet has been crucial to my life in many ways, and all of them could go away. All of the sites I maintain will be down, including the business pages, joining many much more influential sites. Like, oh, Wikipedia, and Reddit, and Boing Boing. (Note: this won’t affect the LJ feed; I have no control over their servers.)

Here’s one way to join in if you maintain a website of your own.

And on second thought, be very alarmed.

Edit: All rumors to the contrary, SOPA is not dead, just tabled until February.

Also, irony is not dead.

One Comment

  1. Vince says:

    I’m doing the same on my blog tomorrow. Talk about hubris (I wonder if anyone in the MPAA understands the meaning of that word.)