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Louder than usual

I didn’t sleep well last night. Homecoming was louder than usual, and there was a lot of screaming, and lots more fireworks. The football game was close, though Penn State did pull it off, but usually the riots stay downtown. I piled the blankets over my head and tried to ignore it.

There are definite drawbacks to living in a football-mad college town.

State College was remarkably quiet this morning, though. When I went out grocery shopping around 11 there was no traffic, and Wegman’s was almost empty. The streets were really dirty, though. I don’t know what the partiers were doing last night, but they made a huge mess. It’s raining now, so that should wash most of the slime away, but I hope the street cleaners come out soon.

Anyway, there was nobody in Wegman’s. Usually by noon on Sunday it’s entirely packed. They were out of milk and some other stuff, but I got most of what I needed. Only one cashier was working, but the store was so empty I didn’t have to wait.

It was really pretty odd. Maybe everyone was sleeping in with hangovers? I did see a few stragglers stumbling home, even more bedraggled than usual.

Football weekends in State College, always an adventure. Indistinguishable from the zombie apocalypse, even. But tomorrow is a holiday, so I’ll have time to recover.

It should be quiet tonight.


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