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Friday night cocktail

Some of my friends have a Friday night cocktail tradition, where you mix up something tasty and share the recipe. I’m not so good at the mixology, so I rely on my wonderful local bartender at Fuji & Jade. I didn’t even drink this on Friday, but instead on Saturday, with some friends who are moving to town.

Give my love to Violet

This lovely lavender concoction is a GMLTV. That’s “Give My Love to Violet.” The menu description:

The name harkens back to the days of the telegraph, when commonly accepted shorthand would be used to transmit messages more efficiently. As for the drink, essentially it’s a Ciroc vodka gimlet (vodka, fresh lime + sugar) tweaked by swapping out the sugar for Creme de Violette (violet blossom liqueur) and a spritz of rosewater.

Floral, citrusy, not too sweet. It was a lovely springish pre-dinner cocktail, though not really suited to go with food.

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