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Latest adventure

The first story in a planned seriesx about Maggie Reichert, field agent for the Department of Supernatural Resources, and her friends was originally published in Nine: A Journal of Imaginative Fiction, but that magazine promptly folded, leaving Horn unavailable.

I thought I’d use it to experiment with self-publishing. I have the rights to the story, so why not? I’d like to have the skillset to do this, and how better to learn than by doing? (My motto, I suppose.)

Horn cover

Horn is now available through Amazon and soon Barnes & Noble.

Dan provided this apropos cartoon.

I’d hoped to have this up on Monday, to celebrate the third anniversary of my first fiction publication on my fortieth birthday, but the flooded basement adventure interfered with the timing of the self-publishing adventure, so it’s a Friday treat instead of a birthday/publication day treat.

(If you’re reading this at sarahgoslee.com, yes I know everything is centered, and no I don’t know why. Something is broken somewhere…)


  1. Kim says:

    This is so cool! Congratulations on your leap into self-publishing. I am buying my copy right now.

  2. Sarah says:

    Thanks, Kim! I think it’s both useful and fun to try out lots of things, and this story seemed perfect.