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Done with Phase Two

We just talked to the liver surgeons. Their phase of the surgery went very, very well, and Sarah is now in the last, least serious phase of her procedures, where the abdominal surgeon goes back, closes the incision, and installs the drain(s) and the diversion.

The liver surgeons said she absolutely looked as good, and did as sell, as any surgery candidate they have had.

Of course, this was major, invasive, abdominal surgery. Sarah will be here, in the hospital, for at least a week, possibly ten days or more; then, she will need a couple weeks of, basically, bed rest, and then at least a couple months of VERY light duty; and then several more months until she is back up to her full strength.

But for what she was going in looking at, she is doing as well as can possibly be expected. Through the whole course of chemo, radiation, and everything, Sarah has come through it better than expected, with few side effects and excellent function and recovery. She is young, and absurdly healthy.

All signs are that she might well perform – heal – well ahead of the curve for this phase as well, do here’s hoping.

Team Science, Sarcasm, and Snark, bitches.

FUCK cancer.

– Nick


  1. Beth says:

    Thanks for the updates. Glad to hear everything is going so ferociously well.

  2. Nick Hyle says:

    She’s a ferocious kind of girl.

  3. Dragonsally says:

    I’m so glad this has gone well.

  4. ChiaLynn says:

    I’m so happy to read this.