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Another in a series of literary endeavors

So, I’m home for a few days checking on the critters; Sarah’s Mom, Maureen, is back in Danville with her.

Sarah continues to do well (for a girl with cancer, who just had major surgery, etc.)  Her surgeon says she looks ridiculously healthy on the inside, too. She (Dr Halm) got them to up Sarah’s Dilaudid dosage, and told the nurses that if Sarah is still complaining about pain after a couple hours of the new level, to bump it up again.

Aside from the pain – which is both normal and expected, even if it is also both excruciating and annoying – Sarah continues to heal very well. All of the weird things they check, like her various drains and such, indicate everything is healing well, VERY well, with no issues.

She had a stent out, leaving (I think) one stent to go, which is probably coming out tomorrow.

Time for some damn food, probably with another Scotch.



  1. little brother says:

    Sounds like Sarah 🙂
    Thanks for updates Nick!

  2. Tamie says:

    Sarah, seems like a bit of a extreme way to avoid the homecoming parade chaos, if you ask me.

  3. Connie says:

    glad to hear that Sarah is doing so well. A continued speedy recovery!

  4. Such good news! (Also, yay drugs. My god, she’s earned ’em.)
    <3 <3 <3

  5. Peter Sursi says:

    Nick, thanks for the updates and please pass all out thoughts on to Sarah. She’ll be kayaking again in no time!