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So, Sarah is FINE, but her beat-the-world curve is apparently leveling off. Basically, they are having some glitches in dialing in the meds to get aspects of her recovery to be exactly what they want them to be.

This is not something for people to worry about, but I am going to be a grumpy little bitch for a while.





  1. Hang tough, be patient with yourself, and sleep as much as you can. <3

  2. laura g says:

    Agreeing completely with scribofelidae!
    Sleep, be gentle with you, .

  3. laura g says:

    Woops, pressed send accidentally.
    Nick, Is pain level part of grumps? Is it being controlled? What have they used?

  4. laura g says:

    And hugs for you both!

  5. Nick Hyle says:

    She has a Dilaudid clicker, Laura.