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Inbound email

From the Middle District Court, received Monday:

We have received the letter from your doctor and you have been excused. I apologize for the delay in granting this excuse as you are going through alot already.

So there’s that.

Chemo continues to suck. A lot. But I’m 4/6 done!

And I’m making plans to do all the things this summer: planning for Sasquan AND World Fantasy, and some other wonderful things: I hope a trip to Portland for work (I love Portland, and have an excellent friend there), some time at Pennsic, and such.

Just have to get through the next two months, and there will be so many self-rewards.

Even though I haven’t been able to eat, I’ve been interested in food during the latter half of chemo week in the abstract sense. Last time I bought a stack of foodie books on baking, pickling, making bitters (new project!), and such. This time I’ve been ordering spices and garden plants. I’ve been wanting dwarf potted citrus for a few years, and they’re research material for novels even. (No, not going to try to deduct them on my taxes.) A nursery sent me a coupon, and voila! Dwarf citrus will be arriving when it’s warm enough to ship them.

Also a dwarf pomegranate, because it was cute and I’m a sucker.

Nick’s out for the evening, so I’m going to go attempt some more toast. Or maybe miso soup? More liquid is definitely a good idea. If I had gyoza in the freezer I’d throw a couple in. Is tortellini cheating?


  1. Yay for getting out of jury duty!

    If you do come to Portland, try to do it over this weekend – http://www.rosecityyarncrawl.com If you’re also in town on a Friday, would love to have you out for our weekly social, garb not required.

  2. Sarah says:

    That looks like grand fun! But not only will I still be doing chemo then, my trip is for a work conference and will be in early July. Thanks, though.