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I have submitted five stories today. FIVE. I think that beats my previous monthly total. Not only that, I think I’m caught up: the two still languishing were written in 2011 and aren’t up to my current standards. I either need to completely rewrite them or trunk them.

I am now completely braindead and exhausted.

I was checking out at the grocery store. The undergrad-looking clerk told the guy ahead of me that he was doing a project for class on classic movies. The two of them discussed The Princess Bride and a few other things.

When my turn came, the clerk asked me my favorite movie? I asked if he wanted classic, and he said sure.

Casablanca, no contest.”

“Yeah? What’s that about?”

I looked at him blankly for a moment. “You need to just watch it.”

“That’s pretty old, isn’t it? What about something newer?”

“It’s in black and white, even. But it’s an excellent movie: Humphrey Bogard, Ingrid Bergman.” This time the blank look was his.

I proposed The Usual Suspects as a “newer classic.” He’d at least heard of Kevin Spacey. We discussed The Shawshank Redemption and Stand By Me, apparently both more his idea of classics, though he hadn’t seen either.

I left him with a parting admonition to watch Casablanca. I wonder if he will.

I came away feeling old, and sincerely hoping that this guy isn’t a film major.


  1. Blair says:

    This made me laugh aloud because I have *so* been there.

    And kudos on the story submissions! That is outstanding!!

  2. valerio says:

    Nice choice. I would have gone with Gregory Peck’s Moby Dick and a follow up of the wide screen of Laurence of Arabia if you got most of a day.

  3. Sarah says:

    Lion in Winter is quite possibly my real favorite, but no WAY I was going recommend an adaptation of a stage production.

  4. Fiadnata says:

    I’m with you. “Casablanca” should be at the top of everybody’s Favorites list. If you want a musical-comedy favorite, go with “Singing in the Rain” — at least that one has the “advantage” (for that kid) of being in color. (Rats! Now I want to sit down and watch them, and it’s far too late for that.)

    Congratulations on the story submissions! I hope at least some of them are successful, this round.

  5. Vince says:

    Hurrah on the submissions! Casablanca is one of my favorite movies, along with The Maltese Falcon and The Caine Mutiny. I love me some Bogey. For comedies, nothing can beat A Day at the Races and A Night at the Opera, although I have a fondness for Horse Feathers and Duck Soup.

  6. matt says:

    Just watched Lion in Winter a few weeks ago.

    Don’t know if its a classic (I saw it first as a kid for 25 cents) but Hud (originally a Larry McMurtry story) ain’t bad. As for “new” classics, Babette’s Feast (Isak Dinesen, aka Karen Blixen, story) and Breaker Morant might qualify.

    Don’t feel old, revel in your wisdom.