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I’m wearing my mother’s American Cancer Society SURVIVOR pin. Best I can manage today.

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  1. laura says:

    Hello Sarah,
    Usually a hoopla of moms, children, bbq, gardening, and love here on Mother’s day…momma Maureen a bright enjoyer of ALL always!! I don’t think we have had rain on mother’s day bbq since Nate and i have been married. Yesterday, a quiet day with rain. The boys, Nate, and I watched extended version of Lord of the Rings first movie and went out for food late evening. A deep missing under the quiet and rain.

    Today I feel stuck, feet in mud, off kilter, refusing reality even, as if I have a choice. I read your post and the river of tears flow again thinking of all you have been through this year, of mom living fully and happily, of the years we shared together, of all of us missing her, of total cancer death, eviction and freedom for you, and I flow with the river.
    Thank you for sharing. I am so sorry. May you have strength and protection in the fragile.
    Sending much love and hugs,