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More loot!

Patrick Rothfuss, writer and generous human being, runs a fundraiser for Heifer International each year (to which he donates a lot of his own money and even more of his own time). He’s enlisted the SFF community to good effect: this year there were all sorts of prizes available, from ARCs to autographed books to who-knows-what. Prizes were raffled off: each $10 donation got you one virtual ticket. Pat raised a lot of money for HI, and a lot of prizes were sent out.

Including this one:

prize books

I got loot!

There’s a paranormal romance or fantasy ARC by an author I’m unfamiliar with, Elizabeth Gilligan, and the Gollancz edition of the Necronomicon. Now if I get snowed in again I’ll be able to keep myself occupied.

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  1. Marjorie says:

    Nice – and a fun way to learn about a new author.