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A year of writing

Yeah, I did some of that. Mostly it was a very good writing year, but for one thing: I sold no fiction whatsoever.

Science first, since that pays the mortgage.

3 peer-reviewied papers written in previous years
1 peer-reviewied paper written this year
1 peer-reviewied book chapter written this year
2 fact sheets
2 magazine articles

1 paper written this year

Still in review:
2 papers, both with postdocs as first authors

Other academic writing:
1 book chapter on textile archaeology

SFF-related nonfiction:

1 article for Clarkesworld, “Building Forests, Remaking Planets

11 essays for Science in My Fiction. I’ve taken over as schedule coordinator, for SiMF, and you’ll likely be hearing more from me on that subect shortly.

6 reviews for SFF Portal, before they switched directions


Rigor Amortis was re-released by Edge (with distribution), made the list of Barnes and Noble 2011 Best Zombie Fiction

I finished a novel first draft, started rewriting it: first completed book-length work (not that it’s anywhere near done).

3 stories finished
6 more stories started

6 submissions of 4 stories (all rejected)

4 Friday Flash stories published online


It wasn’t a great year for blogging.

stringpage.com: 70 posts
sarahgoslee.com: 83 posts

Guest post, “Collection and Contemplation” at Chocolate Scotch

Books read: 114

That looks like a lot, but doesn’t feel like I did nearly enough. Not enough blogging, not enough novel rewriting, not enough short story finishing, and certainly not enough submissions. I did a lot of science, though: five new papers/book chapters is a lot in my field, especially considering that several were single-author.

2012: more blogging, more fiction? I’m not sure how to make that happen, truly. Ideas?


  1. Eric says:

    I’ll keep it simple: HOORAY! (And don’t you start slacking now.)

  2. One Sock Short says:

    No ideas, but curious about the two science magazine articles. I like to read science-for-the-rest-of-us. And what is (or will be) the book that contains the chapter on textile archaeology?


  3. Sarah says:

    Linda, the two articles are in the Northeast Organic Dairy Producers Alliance Newsletter, and you can read them here and here. That’s the kind of stuff I do for my job.

    But the Clarkesworld and SiMF articles are much more broadly interesting.

    The book chapter will be in a conference proceedings to be published by Oxbow Books. I don’t think there’s a public announcement yet.

  4. Sarah says:

    Slacking? Me? Harrumph.

  5. One Sock Short says:

    Read the pasture articles. I now have a much better idea of what you do for your day job 🙂